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Tokyo Urban Man Pheromone - nss4086005
  • Tokyo Urban Man Pheromone - nss4086005

Tokyo Urban Man Pheromone

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Tokyo Urban Man pheromones are the strongest offered in the global pheromone market. Made in Austria by the well-known company HOT, pheromones come to significantly improve the perception that women have of you.

HOT pheromones act directly on a woman's brain (biochemical communication) - without being noticed - immediately improving your overall image of your attractiveness and sex appeal. Using Tokyo Urban Man pheromone is very simple. Spray 2-3 times on the neck and wrists and the beneficial effect of the pheromone will follow you for many hours - even when the intensity of the aroma has decreased.

Most Sensities friends who have tried Tokyo Urban Man pheromones have become regular users - replacing or supplementing the perfume they used. At Sensities we believe that HOT pheromones are among the 5 best Brands in the world. Effective and with a particularly masculine scent, they are a "weapon" in the quiver of every man who wants to increase his success rate in the female sex.

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